Season One and the faction leader

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Hey Folks!

As in the previous post, you read about the new faction leader, to be voted by all units of a faction.
You also already know that this is the guy to build recharge stations for your jump ships and maintenance centres on the planets to reduce maintenance costs.

Still, the true powers of the faction leader are elsewhere:

  1. The faction leader can impose a faction wide tax on planetary income from 0 to 100% (which would of course be reason for a violent replacement…ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ )
  2. The faction leader can assign missions to units, which can have either money, a Dropship or a Jumpship as reward. These rewards are paid by the faction balance, just a recharge stations and maintenance centres.

The faction balance is the sum of the tax income of a faction and all volunteer donations by the units of a faction.

Of course mercenary units do not fall under these regulations.

Season one Spoiler: Faction Leader, Recharge Stations, Maintenance Centers and Factory Construction

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Aloha! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since there are only a few days to go untill release and just some weeks till our first season can hopefully start, here some new features, that were not present in our beta seasons.

First, all units within a faction will vote one faction leader, who will be able to perform some special actions inside of the command tool.
Also factions will have an extra account, from which planetary upgrades will be paid.
Units will be able to donate to the faction account, to enable the faction leader to build planetary upgrades.

Theese upgrades will be in at season start:
  • Recharge Station: reduces recharge time of jump ships to just 1 day but raise global maintenance costs by 0.2% each.
  • Maintenance Center: reduces global maintenance costs by 0.1% each.
  • Mech Factory: Can construct Battle Mechs up to assault class.

So you see, apart from our beta seasons, the star map will be without any factories at season start.
Only some markets will be available on some planets, on which you will not be able to purchase assault Mechs.

Unit actions:

The faction leader will be able to declare a unit renegade, which puts the unit into pirate status.
The unit CO will then have to chose a new faction to join ( Admin controlled choice of available factions).

A unit CO can defect from a faction and join an other faction, if a faction has 3 or more units playing. Factions available to join, will be the ones having the smallest unit count in such a situation.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield soon!



Now with Discord

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since Discord seems to be the rising new star, when it comes to gaming communications, I created a server for BWO here.

Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Season One Recruiting

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My fellow players,
as you have noticed, major factions include a somewhat bigger game load, than minor factions or mercenaries do.
Therefore, you need to have at least two members in a unit.
Still, I’d suggest to have two players in any unit here at BWO, so real world problems of one player will not cripple a unit here and destroy the fun for many more players.
As in real life, it is always better to have someone keeping your back.

So I have created a central recruiting thread, where you can make contact to other players.

In this thread, everyone should have just one Post, which can then be updated, if something changes.

So, one unit one post, with links to own recruiting thread, own website or whatever.

Fire at will ๐Ÿ˜€