Sign up period for Season IV

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Scenario: Formation of the Federated Commonwealth

The Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns have been merged into the Federated Commonwealth.
The Draconis Combine as set free the Free Raselhaague Republic.
Will the Federated Commonwealth crumble under it’s own weight?
Will the Samurai of the Draconis Combine accept Theodore Kuritas decision to release the Raselhaague district to autonomy?
Will the FRR survive between the major powers surrounding it?

We all know the history as it is written in Battletech Lore. Here you have the opportunity to write your own piece of Battletech history.

Season IV sign up and proceedings

Unfortunately, we have to force the sign up to only allow Flashpoint owners, as current HBS Battletech bugs prevent multi player between FP owners and non owners. Also the question of multi player between FP owners and non owners with the new Mechs, included in Flashpoint, is yet to be solved by HBS.
Once the problems are solved, we will be happy to open up to non FP owners!
Please understand, that this is rather an HBS issue than ours. If you feel discriminated in your multi player experience by the consequences of this bug, feel free to contact HBS support and tell them.

In order to play in season IV, you need to create an account on this page.
Also you need to visit our Discord server and sign up, using the provided doc in season 4 sign up channel on Discord.

Sign up period lasts until February 15th. Season IV will start at February 16th ( approx. 20:00 server time )

Rule changes from Season III

  1. There will be no distinct units in a faction, just one of which the CO will also be faction lead. CO positions will be given by faction internal vote and approved by Admin.
  2. Defeated factions will join ranks of the faction that defeated them. If more than one, distribution will be decided by admin.
  3. Battles will be fought with the troops on planet, when the battle is initiated. incoming Dropships cargo will not be usable in already pending battles. 4. Drop Ships will travel a bit faster than in Season 3
  4. Factions dealing planet changes with other factions will be banned from ISW, all containing players will be banned from further ISW play
  5. Nr. 5 also accounts for rigged fights. If administration gets proof, all players of those factions will be deleted from ISW command database.
  6. Coward penalty: A faction attacking another faction, that is already under attack by multiple others, suffers a penalty for each fight created.
  7. Every user has a start up value of 2 “Battle-Tickets”. For each drop, a ticket is consumed and all other members of that faction receive a new ticket. This ensures, that all players can participate and a single player cannot carry the whole faction.

End of season 3 start of Marik Civil War

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Hey folks,

We have finished season 3 with the Draconis Combine being the overall Victor now we will go for the start of the Marik civil war campaign.

I have created the battling factions and have stationed light lances for each participating unit on each planet.

Please don’t forget to contact me and nominate your faction lead person until tonight 2200 server time.

Short Season Marik Civil War from 17th of November to 30th of January incoming

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Hey folks,
as you know, from mid December to end of January, there is often a lull in players activity. Holidays, vacation etc. during the years, there are a lot of things more important than gaming leagues.

Still, a lot of us want our fix of PvP Battletech during that time too.
So this is what we will do:

We will fight a small scale season in a Marik civil war theme with just 4 factions, with one unit each.
In order to participate, you need an account on the leagues website, join up our Discord and enter your desired faction in this document.

End of Season 3 at Nov. 17th

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Hey there,

Season 3 will conclude on Nov. 17th. After that, we will implement some new features and check how and if we can include Flashpoint content in season 4 already.
Season 4 will then start presumably mid December. Or January 2019.

Discord integration on league page

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Hey People,

I have added some Discord widget to the page. So if you are recruiting new players, just point them to the league page, they will now find their way to Discord from there.

I hope this will show visitors on the page, how active this project is and will help people to find us.

For now, thank you all for the good times we enjoy right now with season 3. I am confident, we have reached an ruleset and implentation level now, that produces good matches most of the time and provides fun and context for our HBS Battletech games.

Keep playing people 🙂

Sign up open now!

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The sign ups for our next season are open on our Discord now.
Once you have registered an account on the league page here and joined our Discord, You can sign up in the “season-3-signup-houses” channel.
Sign ups for Periphery and Mercenary units will be opened, once the main factions are filled.

Each unit needs at least an CO ( Commanding Officer ) and an XO ( Executive Officer ).

Member management beyond those two needed staff personnel, is done by the units after next seasons launch through the units roster page, inside command tool.

If you are new and interested in ISW, read here, what this is all about.

League Update (16JUL): End of Ceasefire, Rulebook updates, and other notes

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  1. The Ceasefire is officially over! The first eco tic went into effect around 45 minutes ago, and hostilities have already begun on several worlds.
  2. Additionally, I wanted to encourage everyone to check the rulebook change log. Many rules have been clarified, and several sections have been reorganized. We have also added some pictures in to help guide newer players. Please keep sending TalkPolite suggestions and clarifications for the book.
  3. Please be patient as we resolve critical issues and bug hunt. Administration has been waiting just as long as you have to play, but we have a backlog of issues we are solving as we receive them. Use the Bug Reporting Forum to report legitimate issues, and the Rules Question channel in discord to ask rule related questions. This will help us solve your issues as fast as possible.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to be respectful to your opponents and other members of this league. The BT community is a passionate one, and it is easy to get mad when you’ve poured so much time into prepping for this league. Always remember, there would be no league if the other player did not show up to play. League members will be held to the code of conduct, and moderators will respond to issues if they arise!

Good luck everyone – lets have a great season!

League Administration

                              (Talk and Gray at the Eco Tic)

Season 2 Begins!

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Players! Welcome to ISW Season 2!

You may now build equipment and infrastructure. Please remember to not move your ships over other factions territory until we end the ceasefire in 24 hours. See the below announcements for ceasefire rules!

Additionally, new members that did not register pre-season can now join existing units at will.

Also don’t forget that today’s eco tic will not happen. The economy will begin to take effect in approximately 30 hours.

Good luck everyone! Welcome back!