Rules Update (10JUN): Number of Defenses, Server Times, Sabotage Missions

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After some discussion over various rules, the following changes have gone into effect this last week:

1. Each faction has a limited number of defences that can run at the same time. This limit is determined by faction planet count divided by 3, to a minimum of 1. In short, every 3 planets put one more possible defence on a faction. For example, if the Draconis Combine (24 planets) is attacked, they can have up to 8 defenses declared against them at any given time.
This enables each and unit to answer attacks with attacks, proportional to the enemy faction size.

2. In addition to server time (which is Central European Standard Time), Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney have been added to the timezones at the top of the front page. Hopefully this helps coordinate your fights.

3. The following changes have been applied to Sabotage missions:
Sabotage missions have now been changed from one drop to two drops
Sabotage should only be declared if you have 8 mechs available. Only the defender can use incomplete lances
Each mech can only be used once (this applies to the attacker and the defender)
If the attacker wins one drop, a random building will be shut down for 24 hours. If the attacker wins two drops, the building will be destroyed
When resolving the attack, please select how many drops you have won out of 2 (0, 1, 2). Please do not select 3, as this will not work with the code

Sabotage is still being perfected in the code, so please let us know if you find any issues with it!

Only a few weeks left! Get those games in!

-Admin Team

Rules update (07JUN): Attack order rules update

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Due to all the recent discussions based on fight order, we are reverting the change to this:

Fights should be played in the order they were declared against a unit. This means that if unit A declared a fight against unit B, and then B attacked A, you would play the first battle and then the second one. If unit C attacked unit A, they should play either their declared attack or the defense as soon as possible, and not wait to fight either match.

I do not plan to update the PDF at this time, as we are currently working to put the entire document directly on the website – no downloading required. I will also make a front page post to reflect this change.

Here’s to the last three weeks of play!

-Admin team

Rules Update (31MAY): PC Clarifications, Jumpships, and you!

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Hello everyone,

Another week passes in ISW, and another round of clarifications have been added to the rulebook.

-Added note to Jump/Dropship section: You cannot destroy Jumpships or Dropships after they are built

-Added note to disband mechs: Only the CO can disband mechs, and only when no pending fights are happening on the planet

-Added bulwark limitation to the rules

-Added Salvage clarification: Only the winning unit can earn salvage. You can only salvage enemy mechs, not your own that were lost during the battle

-Added additional rewards to PC: If the Attacker has won a PC and reduced the defending unit to 1-3 mechs after the PC has been confirmed, and after Salvage has been awarded, the defenders remaining mechs are given to the attacking unit. This can only happen after a successful PC. If the defending FACTION has 4+ mechs on planet after the PC, the planet will not flip as normal

-Fixed the following order of battle rule: Factions should resolve fights in the order in which they were declared. If factions have more than one fight declared against each other, it is preferred that the games are played in the same session. If both sides consent to play a game out of the order, this is also acceptable

-Clarified reinforce limits after a fight:  After a fight has completed, the planet the fight took place on will not show up as a system you can jump to for a random amount of time after the report has been confirmed by the defender (approximately 12-18 hours). This rule applies for any faction that took part in the battle

(Side note: The Rules PDF will be current on the Discord. I believe Gray has turned in for the night, so it might take a day for the PDF to be updated on the website)

Please let me know if you have additional things that needed to be clarified. I look forward to the next four weeks of play!



End of Season Update (30MAY)

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One of the questions I have received the most over this last week, is “When will the season end?”

After much discussion, we have decided that the season will stop on the 30th of June. At that point, users will be removed from their factions, and the command tool will be reset.

One week of downtime will then follow (31st to the 6th of July), and then units will be allowed to form for one week (7th of July until the 14th of July). Therefore, the official planned season 2 start date is July 15th. A period of 24 hours will likely be added to allow units to form up and begin movements before attacks are allowed. We are still discussing the length of this time, but know that some sort of wait period before attacks can be launched will be enforced.

I will likely have more announcements related to season two as the month progresses, but I wanted to at least put the start date out there so you can keep that in mind.

As always, thank you for being a part of ISW, and I look forward to the next month of play!


Rules Update (29MAY): Bulwark Restrictions

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League Members,

In an effort to change the dynamic of the pilots you pick for matches, we have decided to limit Bulwark pilots to 2 per lance. This change was voted on by the faction leaders, and approved with over 50% of the faction leaders agreeing to this change. I am excited to see how it works out over the next couple of weeks.

Also, you can expect a rules push outlining some dropship changes and this update in the next few days.

Lastly, welcome Poptimus R. Wallace to the Moderator team. He will help me keep the discord nice and tidy.


Rules Update (25 May): Planetary Conquest, Counter, Fight Declaration

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Good afternoon,

I have a new update that has already been pushed on discord, and will be added to the website tonight. Major changes are as follows:

-Planetary Conquest has been clarified. Changes include number of Drops, Mechs per Drop, and other small details. Please read the attack section to see how to properly execute a Planetary Conquest

-When you can Counter has been clarified

-When you can Recon has been clarified

-MRBC section was cleaned up

-Attack declaration section was given more detail. The Attacker must follow the rules outlined in Attack declaration when making forum posts. The Attacker must report who won the fight and the battle damage after confirming a fight, the Defender must also confirm this information on the post

-The time to confirm a match has been shortened to 5 minutes for both parties. Therefore, a fight should never take more than 10 minutes to be confirmed by both parties after completion of the match

-All references to BWO have been changed to either ISW or Inner Sphere Wars. Rebranding is almost complete!

-Other small changes were made, so please read the PDF to ensure you know the current ruleset

Thank you for the continued feedback, and I look forward to another month of games!


New Player Start Page, ISW (23MAY)

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about a new update Gray and I rolled out on the website today. There is a new tab, simply labeled “Getting Started” that will link you to a new article intended for first time users ( We wanted to include this to help new people get started a little faster, as well as explain some of the features that make this League great. Let us know what you think of it!

The League is also going through a rebranding process. This current season was marketed as “Battletech Warfare Online”, or B.W.O. This probably confused a lot of people when you saw it, as the website is called Inner Sphere Wars. There’s a story to be told about the difference, but to help not confuse new players, all of our logos will be changed back to ISW. Some of the changes are easy (like editing the rulebook). Some of these require editing and graphic design skills that the Admin team do not possess.   If there are any members with graphic design experience would like to help me with a project, please PM me in discord so I can describe what we need.

Lastly, a rules push should be done in the next few days. The main focus will be finding a better way to explain the attack declaration process, and I will also clean up some other little issues.

Thanks for playing – only one week left until the season has been going for a month!


Rules Update (17 MAY): Reward Changes, Planetary Conquest, Rulebook update

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Hello again!

In an effort to improve B.W.O., several rules changes have been introduced to rebalance the different types of attacks:

  1. Almost all attack rewards have been changed. This is reflected in the command tool, as well as the Rules PDF
  2. Planetary Conquest has changed back to a three drop format. Please see the Rules PDF for the complete description, as other details have changed
  3. Units will now go into the negative if they cannot pay the attacking unit after a loss. No more bank covering the difference
  4. Official Faction / Unit change rules during a season. Please consult the Rules PDF for these changes
  5. Counter Raid has been changed to “Counter”. Counter can only be declared in response to an enemy Raid
  6. Units must resolve fights in the order in which they were declared. If units have more than one fight declared against each other, it is preferred that the games are played in the same session
  7. Allied Units section added and detailed. Allied units must give permission in the fight forum post if their mechs are to be potentially used in a battle
  8. Mercenary Units have been given more detail in the Rules PDF
  9. Pirate Units (only accessible once you have lost all territory) has been detailed in the PDF
  10. Other details have been cleared up! Read the PDF before your next fight!

Thank you for the suggestions. I look forward to another week of game play to see how these changes affect the league.


Rules Update: 07 MAY 18 (Maximum units per faction)

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The Unit cap per faction has increased to 3 (up from 2 / faction). Players who are in a faction ARE NOT allowed to leave that faction. Players that want to help their faction create a third unit are allowed to move units, as long as they stay within the same faction. I know some users may be considering switching factions, but I highly encourage you stay where you are so we can continue to get feedback over the course of the season, not just a single week. Please let me know if you have any questions about this decision!


Rules update: 06 MAY 18 (Last ditch reinforcement)

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Grayson has made a decision on the mech reinforcement issue. The mechs granted from falling below 15 mechs have been removed from the league. The old system that kicked in when you lost all your territory is still in place. So now there are no free reinforcements for falling under 15 mechs, but, if you lose all your territory you become a hidden pirate faction. Pirates cannot be seen, and can jump to any territory on the map instantly. As soon as they take one planet, the Pirate group is reinstated as the faction/unit it was originally. If you have any questions about this decision, please refrain from posting them here or in the forum, just ask a mod or admin. I will add this change into the rule PDF when I do my overhaul tomorrow. Thank you for the input!