Season V Launch Update

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As we have now a sufficient number of player sign ups for all factions, The new Season will launch on Wednesday 12th of June 22:00 server time.
At this point, I will issue all elected CO user roles, so the units switch to active and can be used.
However, in order to give each faction time to prepare, there will be a peace time until Friday 14th 20:00 server time. During this peace time, all ship travel ahs to stay within own space. If you launch a ship and coss another factions border, I will delete the Jump Ship, attached Drop Ships and loaded Mechs without replacement. At the 14th, 20:01 server time, the battles may begin.
Sign ups will stay active, so factions can accept new players at any time. A closure of sign ups will be decided later on, given player numbers etc.

Season V Sign Up Status Update

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As we are closing to playable numbers now, I expect the Season to be ready to start in a few days.

Come on people, sign up for your faction and fight with us in this glorious First Succession Wars Setup!

ISW Season V – First Succession War

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Sign ups for our upcoming season V are open effective immediately!

Use the menu: league/Join Season V or this link.
Be reminded, that you need to be signed in to ISW page, in order to sign up.


After Stephan Amaris destroyed the Star League and General Alexander Kerensky lead the SLDF into it’s exodus, the lords of the great houses cannot agree to a new First Lord of the Star League.
When Minoru Kurita steps forward by declaring himself First Lord, all other House Lords do the same and fighting errupts throughout the whole Inner Sphere…


  • Start date will be determined upon release of HBS Battletech DLC Urban Warfare, based on sign up numbers, multi player stability post release of DLC etc.
  • All 5 great houses will have the exact same economical strength at start, which is 19 planets consisting of total 180 sectors
  • All factions will have unique Mech building queues for factories and markets:
  • Mech markets can produce light to heavy Mechs and cannot be sabotaged
  • Faction lead will be determined by vote within the factions
  • Each faction will start with 1 market and 15.000.000 C-Bills for building and production
  • Factories can produce all Mechs of a faction, including assault class. Factories can be temporarily disabled by sabotage
  • new HBS Mechs and maps included (Raven will be available to all factions for fairness sake)
  • Sign up script makes sure time zone and skill get spread evenly throughout factions
  • Win conditions will consist of a 3 section point system, split in
    • economy points – how much money, how many Mechs you have
    • combat points and – how many fights you did, how many you won/lost
    • domination points – how many sectors you hold
  • Season end date will be 15th of December

Rules updates

Player Combat tickets

Each player starts with 2 combat tickets. After a fight, a ticket is removed from the player and all other players of the given unit are set back to 2 tickets. Spread fights evenly among yourselves to prevent players from running out of tickets! A player without tickets cannot fight! He will need to wait, until another player of his unit has fought a battle.

Attack Limits

A unit can have a maximum of one Planetary Conquest, one other attack and one counter declared against the same unit at the same time. This means that Unit A can declare one Planetary Conquest + one Raid,Theft, Recon, Sabotage Run and one Counter against Unit B, and Unit B can do the same to Unit A.

Round Limits

  1. Counter, Recon, Theft, Planetary Conquest drop 1: 20 rounds
  2. Sabotage, Planetary Conquest drop 2: 25 rounds
  3. Planetary Conquest drop 3: 30 rounds
  4. Landing Zone Raid: analogue to Planetary Conquest drop 1
If a match is not finished uppon limit, following procedures take place: If both players agree, match goes on until resolution. If not, the party, which has the higher BV value still standing goes out as winner. Mechs, which do not have any weapons left are reduced to 1/3rd of their BV, Mechs which lost a leg or side torso to 50% of their BV.

Mech XP

  1. Rookie Mechs earn 0% BV reduction from Mech class default BV
  2. Novice Mechs earn 3.33% BV reduction from Mech class default BV
  3. Average Mechs earn 5% BV reduction from Mech class default BV
  4. Veteran Mechs earn 10% BV reduction from Mech class default BV
  5. Elite Mechs earn 12% BV reduction from Mech class default BV

New Fight Type: Theft

You attempt to steal Mechs from your opponents faction, which your faction cannot produce.


2d3 dice chance to salvage a Mech. ( which makes 2 to 6 Mechs )

updated fight type: Landing Zone Raid

LZR are attacks against an enemy staging area, which can be conducted 36 hours after enemy landing (no matter if ships unloaded or not). It is fought like a Planetary Conquest but all 3 drops have a 20 rounds limit.


30.000 C-Bills per won drop.

Planetary Garrison Bonus

Garrison bonus is weight based now.
  1. Income (200 tons), 1.0x
  2. Income (300 tons), 1.125x
  3. Income (400 tons), 1.25x
  4. Income (500 tons), 1.375x
  5. Income (600 tons), 1.5x
  6. Income (700 tons), 1.625x
  7. Income (800 tons), 1.75x
  8. Income (900 tons), 1.875x
  9. Income (1000+ tons), 2.0x

ISW player survey

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Hey folks,
after now 3 seasons of ISW with HBS Battletech, it is time to gather some info. This is important, to decide the future direction of ISW and to give me some insights about player desires.
So if you would be so kind, please fill the little survey below.

Thank you!

Season IV “The Federated Commonwealth” starting

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Here we go. The 4th season of ISW is starting and five factions battle for supremacy.

Of course, right now all factions still have plenty of room for new members, given the fact, that the big multiplayer bug was fixed just recently by HBS.

So if you ever wanted to know what it would be like to plan the grand wars of the Inner Sphere and to fight them against your fellow HBS Battletech players, here is your very chance to do so!

The Season will last until August 15th, when we will enter summer break. Season V will most likely start October 1st.

Sign up period for Season IV

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Scenario: Formation of the Federated Commonwealth

The Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns have been merged into the Federated Commonwealth.
The Draconis Combine as set free the Free Raselhaague Republic.
Will the Federated Commonwealth crumble under it’s own weight?
Will the Samurai of the Draconis Combine accept Theodore Kuritas decision to release the Raselhaague district to autonomy?
Will the FRR survive between the major powers surrounding it?

We all know the history as it is written in Battletech Lore. Here you have the opportunity to write your own piece of Battletech history.

Season IV sign up and proceedings

In order to play in season IV, you need to create an account on this page.
Also you need to visit our Discord server and sign up, using the provided doc in season 4 sign up channel on Discord.

Rule changes from Season III

  1. There will be no distinct units in a factionat season start, just one of which the CO will also be faction lead. CO positions will be given by faction internal vote and approved by Admin.
  2. Defeated factions will join ranks of the faction that defeated them. If more than one, distribution will be decided by admin.
  3. Battles will be fought with the troops on planet, when the battle is initiated. incoming Dropships cargo will not be usable in already pending battles. 4. Drop Ships will travel a bit faster than in Season 3
  4. Players dealing planet changes with other factions will be banned from ISW, all responsible players will be banned from further ISW play
  5. Nr. 5 also accounts for rigged fights. If administration gets proof, all responsible players of those factions will be deleted from ISW command database.
  6. Every user has a start up value of 2 “Battle-Tickets”. For each drop, a ticket is consumed and all other members of that faction receive a new ticket. This ensures, that all players can participate and a single player cannot carry the whole faction.
  7. Symetric logistics penalties for delayed fights are replaced by a new system to incentive fast fight resolution: starting from day 4, battle rewards for the attacker will shrink in 10% increments and by day 13 reach negative numbers. For defenders, the money taken from unit coffers if battle is lost, rises in 10% increments of fight reward value, starting from day 4
  8. Planetary Conquest is changed into 3 single fights with rising BV Limit. Each Fight earns the attacker 1 sector if won. Still, all 3 fights need to be done within the 7 days window, as usual.
  9. Sabotage is a single fight again but will not destroy factories any more. Factories are out of production for up to 12 days, after a successful sabotage run.
  10. Mech Pilots now earn XP Levels, which grant discounts to a Mechs BV value. Rookie = no discount. Novice = 10%, Average = 20%, Veteran = 30%

End of season 3 start of Marik Civil War

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Hey folks,

We have finished season 3 with the Draconis Combine being the overall Victor now we will go for the start of the Marik civil war campaign.

I have created the battling factions and have stationed light lances for each participating unit on each planet.

Please don’t forget to contact me and nominate your faction lead person until tonight 2200 server time.

Short Season Marik Civil War from 17th of November to 30th of January incoming

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Hey folks,
as you know, from mid December to end of January, there is often a lull in players activity. Holidays, vacation etc. during the years, there are a lot of things more important than gaming leagues.

Still, a lot of us want our fix of PvP Battletech during that time too.
So this is what we will do:

We will fight a small scale season in a Marik civil war theme with just 4 factions, with one unit each.
In order to participate, you need an account on the leagues website, join up our Discord and enter your desired faction in this document.