Sign up open now!

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The sign ups for our next season are open on our Discord now.
Once you have registered an account on the league page here and joined our Discord, You can sign up in the “season-3-signup-houses” channel.
Sign ups for Periphery and Mercenary units will be opened, once the main factions are filled.

Each unit needs at least an CO ( Commanding Officer ) and an XO ( Executive Officer ).

Member management beyond those two needed staff personnel, is done by the units after next seasons launch through the units roster page, inside command tool.

If you are new and interested in ISW, read here, what this is all about.

League Update (16JUL): End of Ceasefire, Rulebook updates, and other notes

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  1. The Ceasefire is officially over! The first eco tic went into effect around 45 minutes ago, and hostilities have already begun on several worlds.
  2. Additionally, I wanted to encourage everyone to check the rulebook change log. Many rules have been clarified, and several sections have been reorganized. We have also added some pictures in to help guide newer players. Please keep sending TalkPolite suggestions and clarifications for the book.
  3. Please be patient as we resolve critical issues and bug hunt. Administration has been waiting just as long as you have to play, but we have a backlog of issues we are solving as we receive them. Use the Bug Reporting Forum to report legitimate issues, and the Rules Question channel in discord to ask rule related questions. This will help us solve your issues as fast as possible.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to be respectful to your opponents and other members of this league. The BT community is a passionate one, and it is easy to get mad when you’ve poured so much time into prepping for this league. Always remember, there would be no league if the other player did not show up to play. League members will be held to the code of conduct, and moderators will respond to issues if they arise!

Good luck everyone – lets have a great season!

League Administration

                              (Talk and Gray at the Eco Tic)

Season 2 Begins!

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Players! Welcome to ISW Season 2!

You may now build equipment and infrastructure. Please remember to not move your ships over other factions territory until we end the ceasefire in 24 hours. See the below announcements for ceasefire rules!

Additionally, new members that did not register pre-season can now join existing units at will.

Also don’t forget that today’s eco tic will not happen. The economy will begin to take effect in approximately 30 hours.

Good luck everyone! Welcome back!

Season 2 Rules (12JUL): Its finally here!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the ISW Season 2 Ruleset
The Atlas head on the front page and a section of the league tab both link to the new rules page. Please send me edits and things that need to be explained better. Please understand some pictures and other visual aides are missing and will be added over the next week! Big thanks to BigPapiRick for showing me the awesome new format. League Administration cant wait for the season to start!

Rules questions can still be addressed using #rules-questions in discord Please ask a question there, as other people may be able to assist. Send TalkPolite things you think need to be clarified, added, totally missed, spell checked, etc

See everybody on the 15th!

-League Administration

Season 2 Starter Info (11JUL): Timeline, Money, New Members

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The start of season 2 is upon us. Soon you will once again battle for supremacy in the universe of 3025 Battletech. League administration cannot wait to share this adventure with you again!

I wanted to put some information out so everyone can plan for the first few days of the season.

1. Rulebook: It’s almost ready. As you may have seen on the discord, Gray has been able to finish a ton of stuff in the last week. This combined with an unfortunate loss of information as we were finishing the book has lead to a delay in its publishing. It will be done before the league goes live, no later than this Saturday. I sincerely apologize for this delay, but we hope you enjoy the final product, and find it easier to navigate than the PDF. The best way to see what changed, is to check out the season 2 changelog text channel of the discord.

2. Day 1/2: The league officially starts on the 15th of July. The exact time will be somewhere between 8am and 11am server time (GMT+2). This is due to Gray getting on and injecting your funds and officially kicking things off. Do not try to build, buy, or move before this point! He will make an announcement when he is done and then you can start to build, buy, and move things around.

You will not be able to launch attacks until approximately 24 hours after the league starts. This gives everybody a fair chance at seeing their logistics and building their starting economy. You are allowed to move your own equipment during this time, but ships found above other factions territory will he deleted, no questions asked. Do not leave your’s factions space before Gray has lifted the ceasefire. You will be allowed to attack at will once the ceasefire has ended on Monday the 16th.

3. Starting Funds:
IS House Faction Lead: 2 million cbills
Periphery FL: 1.5 million cbills
Mercenary FL: 1 million cbills
House/Periph Unit: 250k cbills, 0 parts
Mercenary Unit: 1mil cbills, 0 parts

Sectors earn you 1600 cbills and 7 parts (up from last season).

Units will not start with ships like last season. You will have to build a ship from a planet with a factory on it. Each planet will provide 20 tickets for you to spend on ships. Prices are generally the same, the Leopard went down to 5 tickets.

4. New players / units
After we start, COs can add new users to their rosters and exceed the starting numbers that I set forth during signups. This should be done at each leaders discretion, as too many players means nobody is really getting any fights. If you add a new player, please let a mod know so we can change their group in discord. If you see a new player appear in discord, have them use the looking for unit channel to find a permanent home.

New units will not be added, unless they fill a gap in our current season 2 registration (OA and AC). I expect current members to come and go throughout the season. If we add new units in, it will probably be due to the rapid expansion of a faction, OR the major factions feel they all have enough members to break some users off and create another unit. I know how quickly adding new units changed things last time, so we will be very deliberate about adding new units in.

The first week of the season is always a little crazy, so we appreciate your patience over the next few days and during the start of Season 2. Thanks to everyone for giving your feedback during the downtime, and we sincerely hope you enjoy what we’ve created.

See you on the 15th!

-League Administration

New Forum

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Hey people,

the old phpBB based forum is history. The most current updates to it, broke the user integration plugin (again).

The relationship between phpBB and WordPress has been a troublesome one for ages. Now I am fed up and ditched the forum.
The replacement is much better integrated into the page, although not as fancy in looks.

End of Season 1 Wrap-up, Start of Season 2 Road map (01JUL18)

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The test season is over. Two months of testing, tweaking, adjusting, learning, fighting, and playing Battletech together. I can’t say that it’s always been easy, but damn it the last two months were some of the most entertaining I have had playing games online in a very long time. I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who stuck with us during this busy time. You allowed administration to work the kinks out of an old code (which Gray is infinitely thankful for).

Some of you lost territory, and some of you were gaining it faster than you know what to do with. Some factions rose, while others spiraled out of control. Certain players made names for themselves and climbed the ladder of ISW. One of you even captured Terra (somehow). I sincerely hoped you enjoyed the ride as much as we did! Here’s to season 1! May you remember it fondly.

With that, I wanted to remind everyone of some season 2 information:

1. If you are reading this and are totally new to ISW, JOIN THE DISCORD HERE. This will allow you to connect to new players and learn more about what we do here.

2. Season 2 officially begins on the 15th of July, 0001 Server time (GMT +2). Gray has A LOT of changes that he will be working on during the down time. The best way to keep track of these changes will be via the discord, using the Season 2 Changelog channel.

3. Members that registered with a faction before the 15th will go through a special set-up process that will occur during the 7th-14th of July. Gray will manually be creating each unit in the Command Tool. In addition, Unit CO’s are responsible for filling out a mech distribution sheet. Please talk to your faction lead, or Grayson_Marik if you have any questions about this process. The document can be found in the channel #starting-mechs in the ISW discord.

Good luck planning over the next couple weeks!

-League Administration

Rules Update (20JUN): Maps, Forum Changes, Income Lock, Season 2 Sign-ups

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As we move towards the end of the season, many changes will be seen around the Command Tool, Forums, and Discord to get things ready for Season 2. The following changes have been added to get things all shaped up for July 15th. Be aware, more changes may be added in, so we can test a feature before it goes live in a month.

1. Planetary Conquest will now generate three maps to play on, and Sabotage will generate two maps. Please use the maps in order. Example: You fight a PC but only have enough mechs for one drop. Use the map listed under “Drop 1” for the fight. You may still see multiples of the same map after this change. Maps are tied to the sectors of planet, and some planets will have more variety than others!

2. The forums have now been cleaned up, and divided into the following areas: Battles, Discussion and Suggestions, and Bug Reporting. Battles has been cleaned up, and will be reset at the end of Season 1. Discussion and Suggestions is for the players to discuss league issues and suggest new ideas. Lastly, Bug Reporting was created so we could have one play to easily categorize and fix the bugs we encounter during the ISW season.

3. Income Lock: Planets under attack will not earn any C-bills or Parts. This is show in the Logistics tab of the Command Tool. The planets name / income will be highlighted in Red, and a message that says “(Planet) has no production due to pending fights” will be shown. Additionally, the income and parts that should have been earned will be awarded to the unit that holds the planet upon the battles completion. This is in addition to any other rewards earned via the battle. Bonus money from having more than 4 mechs on planet is not rewarded, just the base value per day of the planet with 4 mechs on it.

4. Sign-ups for Season 2 will begin on the 23rd of June. We will start by allowing CURRENT LEAGUE MEMBERS* to sign up for IS Houses. Once that is filled (or and appropriate number of users is reached) we will allow current members to sign up for Periphery and Mercenary units. This process should be complete by the 7th of July, and will then open up to the general public. The number of units per faction and other limits has been described on discord, so check out #season-2-is-house-signups for more details.

*A current league member is a registered user who is has been attached to an ISW unit for at least 5 days before the 23rd of June.

As always, thank you for playing, and congrats on a successful season!

-League Administration